Animations based on an adapted screen play of "the Deptford Mice".

Trailer for the play:

The Deptford Mice @ The New Wimbledon Studio from 13th - 16th April 2011 at 7.45pm

Animation by Zach Ellams and Tim O'Leary

The Deptford Mice is a dark fantasy adventure following the fates of the brave mice of the skirtings as they battle against the rats in the sewers of Deptford. Adapted from Robin Jarvis's beloved children's book The Dark Portal, The Deptford Mice is a family show filled with danger, excitement, psychic bats and swashbuckling pirates.

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Illustrated by Zach Ellams

Storyboard for a music video soon to be released using the same animation:

Animation featured on Robin Jarvis's homepage: